Simplifying Consumer Health with myEUDA

Optimizing healthcare costs for individuals and corporates by revolutionizing healthcare through technology


myEUDA's technology

myEUDA is a one-stop platform offering Health Plans, Telemedicine, medical concierge and a range of consumer health services. myEUDA amalgamates healthcare costs using our proprietary healthcare management system. It allows you to track healthcare costs across the entire medical spectrum, optimise usage of your individual or corporate’s subscribed medical services and provides critical healthcare data.

Why myEUDA

An all-in-one platform for accessing your healthcare needs. From telemedicine consultations to insurance coverage, obtain prices transparently and easily through myEUDA. myEUDA also connects all your organisation’s healthcare needs into

A platform that aggregates data for all your members, myEUDA enables seamless integration of information into the ecosystem. Your members are able to access all their healthcare needs efficiently, saving you time and cost.

myEUDA optimises your healthcare needs by helping you identify the right programs for your population. Compare and obtain the best-in-class medical services, streamline healthcare initiatives and drive smart member engagement.



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