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We do healthcare differently - with better experience, less hassle, at lower costs.

Everyone dreams of having fun with friends, climbing a mountain or seeing your children grow up. When you’re faced with a health challenge, those dreams are put on hold. We understand, we’ve been there too.

That’s why, at Kent Ridge Health, doctors and engineers are working together to reinvent the healthcare system. So it works better for everyone – patients, corporations and providers. We’re at the forefront of medical technology, bringing value through our integrated healthcare platforms, whether it’s for your business, your family or for yourself.

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For Your Business.

Your Partner in Emergency Assistance

Powered by ALICE

ALICE is a proprietary cloud based workplace medical assistance management system that swiftly responds to accident and emergency cases at work sites in the shortest time possible. ALICE optimizes the process by activating medical responders, evacuating and treating the casualty while aggregating and disbursing important medical documents to critical end users.

International Medical Assistance At Your Fingertips

Time is of the essence in an emergency. SEMA expedites all international emergency cases by activating first class medical evacuation, engage the right medical professionals and contacting the right people to bring you safely back home. The system automatically triggers and informs all relevant personnel of the medical emergency to cut the response time significantly.

For You & Your Family.

Take Charge of Your Healthcare Experience with myEUDA

myEUDA is a healthcare app powered by the people. We promise to make the frustrating delightful, the complicated straightforward, giving a distinctively better healthcare experience. With health plans, medical consultation on video and a variety of consumer healthcare services, you’re able to get help while in the office, in bed or on vacation. Get treated fast, save time and money at just a click of a button.

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