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If you are struggling with emotional problems or simply want to understand your emotional wellbeing, EUDA is the right companion for all your mental health.

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EUDA empowers clinicians and psychologists with smart assistance tools that utilizes our proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) model to instantly scan and provide insights, aiding them in their diagnosis and treatment decisions.

Our AI model uses speech and behaviour as data markers to analyse and measure the level of mental health risk of the patient.

We support you throughout your mental health journey.

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Personality Disorders

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The Kiosk Process & Services offered:
The Diagnosis process includes an integrated AI trained to collect data on symptoms and medical history through patient’s inputs, after which one of our panel of physicians will provide remote diagnoses, medical advice, and immediate online prescriptions.

The 24/7 compact pods also contain more than 50 categories of generic drugs, available for purchase through the vending machine attached. Prescription drugs are also available to be dispensed with a valid prescription from our pod consultations.