Campus Clinics &
Workplace Health

KR Telehealth Kiosk

Our revolutionary telehealth pods serve as one-minute clinics for your employees to gain quick access to quality healthcare.

Unlock a swift and
secure remote healthcare
experience for everyone

How it works: A patient can walk up to the One-Minute Clinic where an AI-Doctor will collect information on their symptoms (digital triage) and medical history. After that, it will provide a swift preliminary diagnosis upon which a real experienced doctor will join in with additional recommendations and check the accuracy of the entire process. Our services will include:
  • Digitalised appointment check-in & verification for a streamlined and higher quality patient experience
  • Secured patient identification, ensuring full HIPAA compliance
  • Outstanding balance and co-pay collection at the onset of the appointment
  • Smart alert notifications
  • Prescription refill ordering management

Delivering top-notch international medical assistance
for individuals, corporates and travellers

The Kiosk Process & Services offered:
The Diagnosis process includes an integrated AI trained to collect data on symptoms and medical history through patient’s inputs, after which one of our panel of physicians will provide remote diagnoses, medical advice, and immediate online prescriptions.

The 24/7 compact pods also contain more than 50 categories of generic drugs, available for purchase through the vending machine attached. Prescription drugs are also available to be dispensed with a valid prescription from our pod consultations.

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Enhanced Safety


Time Efficiency

Full continuum of services

Instant Dispensary