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Kent Ridge Health

Kent Ridge Health is a leading next-generation Healthcare-Technology (HealthTech) company that is building a robust and human-centred healthcare ecosystem. We aim to reshape the patient’s experience by making healthcare affordable and accessible for all, without compromising the quality of healthcare.

Headquartered in Singapore, Kent Ridge Health is reinventing the healthcare system and value-adding to the traditional medical services market by adopting an outcomes-driven approach to incorporate its technological innovations.

One of the biggest challenges in healthcare today lies in designing an ecosystem that purposefully engages patients, providers and payors. Working with a disjointed system when care is needed can be frustrating. We are building a human-centered ecosystem that speaks to patients, providers and payors, creating a seamless and efficient experience for all.

Creating a system that lighten providers’ patient load and eliminate inefficiencies allows them to focus more on providing personalised patient care. Using technology and human-centered design allows for more personalised, affordable care and improve healthcare outcomes.

Bringing multiple ecosystems to the platform

Providing End-to-End Care and Solutions To Patients and Customers across the Healthcare Spectrum. Unifying All Users to the AI multi servers blockchain platform

Care and

Medical Urgent Care, Campus Clinics &, Workplace Health (On-site Health pods), Digital Pharmacy, Medical Emergency Assistance (Travel, Auto & Event), Diagnostics & Monitoring, Lifestyle & Wellness, Health Plans


Individuals, Corporates, Insurers, Healthcare Providers, Doctors and Allied Care Providers


AI Multi Servers Blockchain


Improved access to healthcare, Cost savings, more efficient navigation across the spectrum of healthcare, Inculcate healthy employee lifestyle, Improves corporate wellness management, Smart matching to healthcare providers

Evolution of Healthcare Journey

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medical partners


coordination services for our high-risk members


Providing concierge-level care coordination services for our high-risk members


15 years of experience on average


The Learning Engine that comprises of a hyper-connected systems powered by AI, Machine Learning and IoT/Wearables, will greatly assist our doctors to quickly and accurately identify a patient’s underlying condition, and subsequently suggest the most suitable treatment.

Enhance Consultation &
Operational Efficiency

Improve Diagnostic Accuracy & Elevating Provision of Medical Services

Improving customer &
employee experience

Led by strong
visionary team

Blended with Healthcare, Technology &
Consumer Experience Background
Dr Kelvin Chen

Co-founder & CEO

Former SVP with Healthway Medical. More than 10 years of experience in Healthcare. Strong computer science background.

Chan Tak Chee

Group Controller

Finance Leader with more than 15 years’ controllership and finance management across broad industries, markets, services and technologies within the international business environment. Holds a Fellow membership with the Association of Chartered Certified Accounts.

Daniel Tan

Deputy Chief Technology Officer

More than 15 years of experience in high-tech industries including Autonomous Vehicles Development, Complex Underwater Defense Systems and Logistics Platform Technologies

Jenifer Goh

President, Operations

10 years of experience in healthcare marketing & operations, and insurance.

Sarah Nabaa

Vice President

Former VP, VeChain Technology. 10 years of business development in Blockchain, Proptech, and E-commerce

Dr Cheng

Assistant Medical Director

Fully licensed Medical Practitioner with MBBS Medical Degree from National University of Singapore as well as a member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England.